This Unique Restaurant In Wisconsin Will Give You An Unforgettable Dining Experience

If you’re dining in Wisconsin, chances are you are getting an experience different than in other parts of the country by virtue of dining here. In general, service is excellent and the food (so long as it is topped in cheese) is good. But there are also some places here that are so strange that you just have to see it to believe it.

Wisconsin is home to tons of quirky restaurants, but my favorite hands down is Organ Piper Pizza in Greenfield, Wisconsin. Since 1976, this place has been a landmark in the Milwaukee area. But what’s so unique about pizza? Oh, nothing. It’s the entertainment that will get you.

When you are chowing down on pies, you will be serenaded by live organ music. Yes, from an organ. In the restaurant. This is totally real.

Don’t believe me? Just have a look at these pictures.

Are you a fan of Organ Piper Pizza?