Enjoy An Immersive Experience At The One-Of-A-Kind Wizard Of Oz Museum In Wisconsin

To find the Magical Land of Oz, gas up your car and start driving north. As it turns out, the yellow brick road looks a lot like Highway 141 and the Emerald City also happens to be called Wausaukee. Yes, this tiny village in Marinette County, pop. 523, is home to a small mountain of movie magic, even if there are no flying monkeys darkening the sky above the Dollar General or any stray munchkins hanging around the Wausaukee Bowl.

Just step into the Land of Oz Museum in Wausaukee, Wisconsin, and you’ll know the truth: without question and without a doubt, you are not in Kansas anymore.

The Land of Oz Museum in Wausaukee, Wisconsin, is open by appointment, from April until the first weekend of October. Learn more on the museum’s Facebook page. There are a lot of surprising discoveries to uncover in Marinette County – here’s a backcountry waterfall that is simply amazing.

Address: Wausaukee, WI, USA