In These 7 Moments, Brett Favre Melted Our Hearts

Brett Favre helped put Wisconsin (Green Bay, specifically) back on the map when he became a Packer. He was absolutely beloved. Then–the “betrayal” happened and it left many of us angry. But we have seemed to have gotten over that, now with Brett Favre getting inducted into the Packers Hall of Fame and all. On the first day tickets were offered to watch #4 get inducted (on the video boards inside Lambeau Field…not even in person), all 67,000 sold out. We’re taking this time to look back at vintage Favre: Iron Man, the gunslinger, the kid from Mississippi who always seemed to be smiling.

1. When Favre and Rodgers started to become friends

It was hard on Favre to leave Green Bay on the terms he did. But then, to be replaced by one of the best quarterbacks of all time–even harder. The relationship between Rodgers and Favre was incredibly strained, which was unfortunate because they’re both legends. Since then, they’ve started to become friends. Things started to turn around in 2013 when they shared jokes at the NFL Honors. It’s pretty funny.

2. When Favre put on his Packers jersey again

One of the hardest things for fans was to see Favre in a different color jersey (particularly that ugly purple one, but I digress…). This brought a smile to Packers fans’ faces. The interview above is good. I think he has one more game left in him. 🙂

3. When Brett Favre entered the game for the first time

Who doesn’t remember when Favre took the field when Don Majkowski became injured? Packers fans immediately loved him. He was energetic and made us believe again.

4. When Favre beat Denver in overtime

In 2007, Favre was near the end of his career with the Packers, but he showed he still had it with this bomb to Jennings in overtime to defeat Denver. And it only makes it sweeter that it was against Cutler. 🙂

5. When Favre got the Packers their first playoff victory in 11 years

It was truly that moment when you knew Favre was going to be a legend. It ended the drought and excited Packers fans to think that a Super Bowl was within reach.

6. When Favre brought home the Lombardi

That was just a magical season. But what sticks out to me is that iconic scene of Favre running onto the field with his helmet off.

7. Brett Favre’s MNF Game After His Dad Died

When any relative dies, it breaks your heart. But when it’s a parent, it’s especially rough. No one expected Favre to play. But he did. In Oakland. And had one of the best performances of his LIFE and of ALL TIME. What Packers fan hasn’t cried either watching it live or a re-play? This is Favre at his best, the Favre we all remember.

What is your favorite Favre moment? Let us know in the comments.