7 Restaurants In Wisconsin That Serve The Biggest Pizzas You’ve Ever Seen

There’s never a bad time to have a pizza, but let’s be honest: pizza tastes just a bit better when it’s shared with friends. Of course, that only works if you’ve got enough pizza to satisfy everyone. When you’re feeding a crowd – or are so hungry you could eat a whole pizza yourself – these seven pizza joints in Wisconsin are where you want to be. They serve truly humungous, oversized, can’t-fit-it-on-the-table pizzas that will make sure no one leaves the table hungry.

What other Wisconsin pizza places serve up humungous pies? Let us know about them in the comments! Have you tried one of these outrageously big spots before? We want to hear about it!

Wisconsin is chock full of old-school pizza joints that have been serving their communities for decades. Check out these old-school spots to get some of the best pizza in the state!