Later Alligator Just Might Have The Wackiest Menu In All Of West Virginia But It’s Amazing

“Later Alligator.” Is it a childhood hasta la vista to which you respond “After a while, Crocodile”? Well, maybe. But, in West Virginia, at least, it’s more. Much more. It’s also a unique restaurant in Wheeling, West Virginia with the wackiest sense of humor and the most delicious menu in the state – or one of the wackiest, most delicious!

To learn more about the prices, menu selection, and operating hours of this unique West Virginia eatery, visit Later Alligator’s website or Facebook page. Later Alligator is one of many delicious eateries in Wheeling’s Centre Market. What a one-stop-shop foodie paradise.

Address: Later Alligator, 2145 Market St, Wheeling, WV 26003, USA