If your family comes from a coal mining town in West Virginia, then you’ve surely heard a few stories. There’s a lot of dark history passed on in West Virginian oral tradition, and some of it is true. Matewan is a seemingly peaceful little town of 500 with a railway depot, homey restaurants, and scenic hiking trails. But this town has a darker, bloody history, making it the most fabled city in West Virginia. Let’s take a trip through time to revisit the atrocities of the Matewan massacre.

The events in Matewan sparked attention that ultimately led to the miner uprising and the Battle of Blair Mountain. Although many miners died in the battle and change was slow to come, it ultimately raised awareness of the terrible conditions, and miners were eventually able to form unions to advocate for their safety. This, combined with the infamous Hatfield–McCoy feud, makes this community the most fabled city in West Virginia.

The Mine Wars Museum continues to welcome visitors to this day, and special tours can be scheduled for groups. In addition to finding hours of operation, you can read more about the history of Matewan and the Mine Wars on their website.

Read more about the influence of a company store, or see the remains of a ghost town here in West Virginia.

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The Most Fabled City In West Virginia

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