Love Locks Adorn This Unique Appalachian Trail Footbridge In West Virginia

Have you ever heard of love locks? They’re padlocks clipped to a fence or beam of some sort as a memorial to a loved one. After locking it in place, the common practice is to throw away the key, making the love-honoring lock all the more permanent. It’s a sweet tradition practiced in various places the world-over, including right here in West Virginia in the well-known tourist destination of Harpers Ferry National Historic Park.

And despite their symbolism of permanence, they all eventually do come down, thanks to concerns on the part of the National Park Service for the bridge fence’s structural integrity under the weight of what could easily become thousands of colorful, varied love locks.

Have you ever noticed these padlocks adorning the footbridge at Harpers Ferry National Historic Park? Have you hung one there in honor of your loved one? Here’s another kind of sweet tradition beloved in all corners of the state: hot dog pastries!

Address: Harpers Ferry, WV 25425, USA