Here’s The Ultimate Bucket List For West Virginians Who Are Obsessed With Lookout Towers

If you love huge views, new perspectives, and unobstructed sunrises/sunsets (and don’t mind heights), then today’s post is for you! We’ve collected all the best observation towers around the state of West Virginia into one handy list. Have you climbed them all?

Which towers have you climbed, and what view was your favorite?

For more beautiful views that don’t necessarily involve towers, check out some West Virginia mountain summits you can drive right up to here.

Address: Hanging Rock Raptor Observatory, Union, WV 24983, USA
Address: Droop Mountain Battlefield State Park, 683 Droop Park Road, Hillsboro, WV 24946, USA
Address: Dunmore, WV 24934, USA
Address: Bickle Knob, Dry Fork, WV 26241, USA
Address: High Knob Trail, Eastern, WV 26802, USA
Address: Forest Rd 717, Hambleton, WV 26269, USA
Address: Spruce Knob, West Virginia 26814, USA