This Pair Of West Virginia Waterfalls Is So Hidden, Not Many Have Seen Them In Person

West Virginia is a wild state, and it’s quite possible – likely, even – that there are waterfalls that are so remote and so hidden that no one has ever seen them. But if that’s the case, we don’t know about it, so instead we’ll share one that’s way off the beaten path. Red Run Falls is a beautiful West Virginia waterfall hidden in the woods that only a relatively few people have ever had the chance to see in person, and it’s right next door to another beautiful cascade that’s unnamed: two for the price of one.

Find Red Run Falls on Google Maps to double check your directions. Looking for an easy-to-reach waterfall instead? Here are two that you can drive right to, or almost.

Address: Red Run Falls, Forest Rd 244, Parsons, WV 26287, USA