Did you know there are 45 state forests and state parks in West Virginia? The parks in the Mountain State are some of the best in the nation. It’s amazing that the parks here have achieved the level of quality they have, as none of our state parks require any admission fees to enter! One of the most beautiful state parks in West Virginia is the second-largest in the state. Holly River State Park in Hacker Valley is full of gorgeous streams and waterfalls. With so much to see, it’s easy for some great attractions here to fall through the cracks. One of the many hidden gems at Holly River State Park is the lovely Tecumseh Falls.

You can find the Tecumseh Falls/Reverie Loop Trailhead just off County Route 10 in Holly River State Park. If you’d like to learn more about this great hike in West Virginia, check out the Holly River State Park website.

Have you ever hiked up to Tecumseh Falls? Did you choose to turn around there or hike all the way up to complete the loop trail? Of course, there are plenty of other fantastic trails in Holly River State Park that are also worth your time. It’s one of our favorite parks in the state!

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Waterfalls Near Me In West Virginia

What are some more of the best waterfalls near me in West Virginia?

The nice thing about the Mountain State is that many of the waterfalls in West Virginia are fairly easy to access and don't require much of a hike. It's really no surprise that there are so many great waterfall cascades here. After all, with mountains come waterfalls, and we've got plenty of mountains here! One of our favorites is Blackwater Falls, which requires a super-short hike to reach and is absolutely stunning.

What are some hiking trails with waterfalls in West Virginia?

We love the hike to Sandstone Falls! This super-wide fall measures over 1,500 feet wide. The falls are only about 20 feet high, but the width makes this one of the best waterfall hikes in West Virginia.

What are some great state parks with waterfalls in West Virginia?

Camp Creek State Park and Forest is a great option! This place has several great waterfalls that are more than worth a visit, and it's a beautiful state park with many attractions.

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