Visit Two Waterfalls In One Day With Time To Spare At Camp Creek State Park In West Virginia

Tucked away just a few minutes outside of Princeton, West Virginia is a quiet, beautiful, secluded state forest. With miles of trails, nearly a dozen old family cemeteries, and multiple campgrounds, Camp Creek State Park and Forest is one of the Mountain State’s best hidden gems. But, as wonderful as the camping is here, and as wonderful as the hiking is here, the best, most famous feature of Camp Creek State Park in West Virginia is the waterfalls to be found here – two of them in one park, and both delightfully easy to access. In fact, you can catch both the cascades in less than a single morning, with much of the day to spare for other exploring.

To learn more, visit Camp Creek State Park on the West Virginia State Parks website. Oh, and here’s a fun bonus tip: add another waterfall (or two!) for only an extra 15-minute drive.

Address: Camp Creek State Forest, West Virginia 25820, USA