The One Civil War Battle In West Virginia That Nearly Destroyed An Entire Town

The historical significance of the Civil War is especially potent in West Virginia, since it marks the period in history that gave birth to this state. Just like the rest of the country, West Virginia’s loyalty was divided. Some believed in the Union cause, others believed in Confederate ideals. One town that became a hotbed of divided loyalties was Guyandotte, West Virginia. In fact, the conflict became so heated that the town almost didn’t survive the first year of the war. But it did survive, and the residents of Guyandotte have not forgotten why.

A few of the buildings that survived the fire still stand today, such as the Madie Carroll House, now a museum and staging ground for the final portion of the reenactment. This reenactment, like so many others across the country, exists because their organizers understand the fundamental importance of past events. The Civil War shaped the nation as it exists today, and has forever marked our remembrance of history and how it led us to the present. In keeping the past alive, we are constantly reminded not to repeat it.

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