The Time Mother Nature Turned A Washington River Into A Beautiful Icy Masterpiece

It’s a natural phenomenon that’s only been seen in a handful of areas throughout the world, and photographer Kaylyn Messer of North Bend, Washington was lucky enough to capture an ice circle on the Snoqualmie River before it broke apart this week. After hearing about the unique masterpiece, Messer drove out along NF-5600 until she discovered the ice circle, also known as ice discs or ice pans. Created when the top layer of water gets caught in the river’s circular movement, the layers of moving ice rarely last long due to how thin they are.

The ice circle is beautifully captured on Messer’s Vimeo account. You can watch the mesmerizing footage below:

While these ice circles are a rare occurrence, others have been spotted in states like Idaho and New York. Have you ever seen this magical phenomenon for yourself? For more extraordinary experiences, check out This Strange Phenomenon In Washington That’s Too Weird For Words!