Aplets & Cotlets Were Invented Here In Washington, And You Can Grab Them From Their Original Shop In Cashmere

In the spring of 2021, thousands and thousands of Washingtonians’ hearts collectively broke upon hearing the news that Liberty Orchards, the maker of Aplets and Cotlets fruit candies, was closing its doors for good. Fortunately, that didn’t end up happening—a buyer for the business was found in time, and their doors stayed open.

These beloved fruit candies were originally made here in the Evergreen State, and this is where their factory will stay. If you’re looking to purchase Aplets and Cotlets straight from the source, just head to their retail shop in Cashmere.

Did you learn anything new about the Aplets and Cotlets story here? If reading this gave you a craving, you can order some online.

Address: 117 Mission Ave, Cashmere, WA 98815, USA