Here Are The 5 Richest Counties In Virginia

Virginia has long been ranked among the wealthiest states in the nation. An overall stable economy, relatively low unemployment rates and an abundance of government jobs help keep residents of the Commonwealth among the highest earners in America.

But when determining the wealthiest individual areas in Virginia, things can get a big complicated as there are many ways to run the numbers. One common method is to analyze census data. Currently, the most recent census data is from 2012. A number of organizations have calculated wealth based on estimates from this data – but the numbers are assigned by county, and even then can vary greatly depending on whether or not they represent median household income or median family income.

For this list, we are reporting on Forbes’ list of the Top 10 Wealthiest Counties in the Nation based on median household income. According to Forbes, Virginia has half of the top national earners.

What do you think of the numbers? Do live in one of these counties? Do you think it’s fair to have it on the list? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!