Take A Look At Life Inside Wise, The Snowiest Town In Virginia

Here in Virginia, snow is a relatively rare occurrence. While we do enjoy the occasional blizzard or dusting (there never seems to be a middle ground), the presence of snow still feels like a novelty for most of us. That is unless you happen to be a resident of an area known as Wise. This small town located in southwestern Virginia experiences an average annual snowfall of over four feet. Wise is famous for its snowy self and is known as the town that is the snowiest place in Virginia. It’s quite the title to hold, and one that locals have had to make peace with over the years with some good old-fashioned know-how. There’s nothing Mother Nature can throw at the snowiest place in Virginia that the stalwart locals can’t handle! Here’s just a glimpse of what life looks like inside the snowiest town in Virginia:

Have you visited Wise in the winter? Have you experienced the snowiest place in Virginia for yourself? It’s an incredible experience, and we’d love to hear all about your time in this beautiful town!

If you’re feeling up for some outdoor adventure this winter, while it may not be the snowiest place in Virginia, there is enough snow for some excellent snow tubing!

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Address: Wise, VA 24293, USA
The OIYS Visitor Center

Snow In Virginia

March 06, 2020

What is there to do in the snow in Virginia?

Virginia knows how to respond to a deluge of snow, and there are all sorts of great winter activities come the chillier months. Locals enjoy everything from snow tubing to whale watching right on the coast, and natural places like Caledon State Park and even historic areas like Mount Vernon are great to visit. The winter season can get frigid, and sometimes warming up at the historic Shields Tavern in Williamsburg is the right call. Meadowlark Gardens in Vienna is fabulous if you want to bundle up and peek at the Korean Bell Garden, and you simply can't miss the beauty at Henrico's Lewis Winter Gardenfest of Lights come the chilly season.

How much snow does Virginia get each winter?

The amount of snowfall in Virginia will vary from year-to-year, but locals expect around 52 inches of snowfall a year. Burkes Garden can experience snow up to 26 days on an annual basis, but Wise itself averages around 31 days.

What is the most snow ever recorded in Virginia?

The Washington-Jefferson snowstorm is famed as Virginia's biggest snowfall, and it took place from Jan. 16-18, 1857. The state's great blizzard almost buried the city of Norfolk under 20 feet!