Most People Don’t Know These 13 Small Towns In Virginia Have AMAZING Restaurants

Small towns in Virginia get plenty of praise for their history and charm. And many get an extra shout out for hosting unique events or having beautiful natural attractions nearby. But often, when it comes to naming top-rated restaurants, small towns can get overlooked. And sure, cities might have more selection or be a bit more convenient,  but when you see what these 13 small towns in Virginia offer in terms of dining – from down-home to gourmet – you won’t care how far you have to go.

Obviously, these aren’t the ONLY amazing small town restaurants, but they are certainly a mouth-watering place to start. If there’s a small town hidden gem that you know of, be sure to give us a recommendation so that we can feature it in an upcoming article. In the meantime, we would love to hear about any of your favorite restaurants in the comments below.