These 10 People In Virginia Are Ridiculously Rich – Do You Know Them?

From heiresses to hardworking dreamers who scrambled their way to the top, Virginia has some of the world’s wealthiest residents. It should come as too much of a surprise since Virginia is ranked as the 9th wealthiest state in the country. Thanks to a strong economy and our proximity to Washington, D.C., which ties with New Jersey as the #1 wealthiest “state”, Virginia does enjoy more than some. But if you want to get your name at the top of this list, it’s going to take more than $26 billion — that’s what our richest resident claims as her net worth. Read on to learn a little about the men and women — and families — that rank at the top of the state, the nation and even the world in wealth. You might just be surprised at how they did it.

And just because it’s a fun fact, George Washington would have made the list if he was alive today. His estimated wealth (net worth) adjusted to today’s inflation would equal $525 million – and that makes him not only the first, but the wealthiest president in our nation’s history.

How many of these entrepreneurs, heirs and ingenious business people had you heard of?