This Natural Wonders Road Trip Will Show You Virginia Like You’ve Never Seen It Before

If you’ve lived in Virginia for any amount of time, chances are you’re familiar with the wide array of natural treasures that can be found here. And if you haven’t had the chance to see them all, now’s your chance. This road trip maps out some of the most breathtaking geological features of our state, all in a convenient loop that will make for an unforgettable road trip. Fill up your tank — it’s time to start exploring! Click here for the interactive map.

Side note: The duration of the trip is roughly 15 hours, so you can plan on making stops at some charming local accommodations along the way.

We know that not all of Virginia’s spectacular natural wonders are featured on this trip, but these will provide plenty to admire. Have you visited any of these fascinating sites? We’d love to hear about your experience!