Step Inside The Creepy, Abandoned Town Of Wash Woods In Virginia

It doesn’t seem too much of a stretch of logic to assume abandoned towns are abandoned for a reason. If a whole town decided to leave, then why would anyone ever want to come back? This isn’t always the case, as economic turmoil or other hardships can drive people to new locations. But there’s one ghost town in Virginia that most people haven’t inhabited for years. And that’s mostly because of its tragic history and harsh conditions. The former town of Wash Woods is currently part of False Cape State Park, and yet the plot of land where the buildings are deteriorating is also undeniably haunting. Are you brave enough to explore the creepiest abandoned town in Virginia?

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Have you made the journey to False Cape State Park, the creepiest abandoned town in Virginia? Be sure to share your experience there! For more information on abandoned places in Virginia, be sure to read about These 7 Ghost Towns That Are Hauntingly Beautiful.

Address: False Cape State Park, 4001 Sandpiper Rd, Virginia Beach, VA 23456, USA
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creepiest abandoned town in Virginia

October 01, 2019

What other abandoned places are there in Virginia?

There are several creepy abandoned places in Virginia. If you’re looking for a spooky thrill, explore Wise County Orphanage. This place was abandoned in the 1920s, and nature has started to reclaim it as its own. Visitors report hearing the ominous sounds of children’s laughter, even when there’s no one around. Paranormal enthusiasts will love exploring this terrifying spot. For another scary excursion, visit the Western State Lunatic Asylum in Staunton. This eerie place once housed the mentally ill. Rumor has it that the asylum also performed several lobotomies. It was later turned into a prison, but it has been abandoned since the early 2000s.

Are there any hiking trails to abandoned places in Virginia?

There are so many hiking trails that lead to abandoned places in Virginia. The Pyrite Mine Trail, located in Prince William Forest Park, is a gorgeous 7.6-mile hike that leads to the ruins of an old mine. You’ll also come across several stunning waterfalls along the way. If you’re looking for a shorter journey, embark on the Back River Lighthouse Trail. This 2-mile trail is located near Grandview, and the sights are positively enchanting. At the end of this breezy hike, you’ll come across the remains of Back River Lighthouse. This once magnificent structure fell victim to a hurricane. All that remains is a pile of rocks near the ocean.

What ghost towns can you find in Virginia?

There are several amazing ghost towns in Virginia. Matildaville, located inside Great Falls National Park, is one of the best. This town was once a charming tourist destination, but it didn’t last long. Today, visitors can walk among the old rock foundations and imagine what life was like here. Another ghost town sits inside Shenandoah National Forest. This area is home to the Pocosin Mission, and it’s a sight to see. The structures look like they could collapse at any moment, and the overall landscape is incredibly spooky.

Address: False Cape State Park, 4001 Sandpiper Rd, Virginia Beach, VA 23456, USA