If You’re From Virginia, You’ve Done These 25 Things — At Least Once.

People are people wherever you go — or so the saying goes. And sure, we may do things in Virginia that people do everywhere, but we also have some things that are special to us because you can’t do them everywhere. This is a list of both of those things — things that are nostalgic from growing up here and things that make our state special because they happen only in Virginia. So if you ask us, we’d have to agree that people from Virginia are wonderfully unique, mostly because, well, they live in Virginia.

If you’re from the Old Dominion, chances are you’ve…

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Of course, not all of these apply to everyone, but they are definitely things that make Virginia such a unique place to live and the people from Virginia pretty special. What are things that you do in Virginia that make it feel like home?

Address: Virginia, USA
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People From Virginia

August 13, 2020

What are people from Virginia known for?

As you can tell from the article above, people from Virginia are known for a variety of things. You could make the argument, though, that one of the main things that unite people from Virginia is a true love for their home state. Virginia’s incredible outdoor attractions, small-town communities, city vibrancy, dining options, hiking trails, beaches, lakes, music venues, and more allow the Old Dominion to be one of the most livable states in the U.S. Looking for a little humor? Check out these 18 Ways To Make Someone From Virginia Mad.

What are some of the worst things about living in Virginia?

While we like to believe that Virginia is nearly perfect, there are of course some drawbacks to living in Virginia. To start with, summers in Virginia are notoriously humid. The weather can be almost unbearable during midday in the summertime, which is why many people in Virginia choose to head to the beach or the mountains to escape the heat. Another potential drawback of living in Virginia is having to deal with traffic. That’s especially true if you live in Northern Virginia and rely on the I-95 corridor, which happens to be among the most congested highways in the U.S.

What are the best places to live in Virginia?

Each region of Virginia has its perks, and so you truly can’t go wrong with any of them. That being said, many folks in Virginia choose to live near the major cities given the fact that they have great schools, restaurants, cultural attractions, and friendly neighborhoods. Richmond, the capital of Virginia, is known for its complex history, art museums, cultural diversity, foodie-approved restaurants, proximity to the James River, and more. Similarly, Virginia Beach offers many vibrant attractions with the added draw of the nearby ocean. Of course, some people prefer to live in mid-sized or smaller towns such as Charlottesville, Staunton, Alexandria, or Roanoke. Curious to learn more about Virginia’s small towns? Read about why you’ll fall in love with these communities.

Address: Virginia, USA