Everyone in Vermont Must Visit This Epic Natural Spring As Soon As Possible

As mud season approaches, we all know that soon after we will be rewarded with a glorious springtime. The new growth starts popping in vibrant shades of green and the rivers start rushing a bit harder as winter melts away. With fresh air and outdoor fun on the horizon, now is the time to start making your nice-weather to-do list and here is a natural spring in Vermont that should be at the top of your list.

This naturally formed aquatic delight may not be drinkable, but it allows you to view, slide, jump and relax by the water while you’re enjoying the falls.  After all, being one with nature is part of the heart of Vermont.  Let’s take a trip to the Mad River Valley and explore the Warren Falls, shall we?

During these uncertain times, please keep safety in mind and consider adding destinations to your bucket list to visit at a later date.

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