We all know that Vermont has exceptional hiking trails, ski slopes, and mountain biking terrain, but let’s not leave beaches off the list of Vermont’s nature accolades. Any time’s a good time to start thinking about planning day trips, and these four pristine and bucket-list-worthy beaches on Lake Champlain are just the places to look. Pack a picnic; bring a frisbee, and lounge in the sand at these four Lake Champlain beaches in Vermont – they’re easily some of the best day trips and best beaches in Vermont.

Have you been to these beaches on Lake Champlain? What would you consider to be some of the best beaches in Vermont? Let us know in the comment section!  What would you choose for the best day trips in Vermont? Tell us about those, too!

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Best Day Trips In Vermont

What are some fun, unique things to do around Vermont?  

Vermont is a wonderful state to visit or live in. There is plenty to do, lots to see, and all the natural beauty one could ever hope for. Every season in Vermont is a perfect getaway season (see the next paragraph), and narrowing things down to just a few ideas is pretty tough. However, we do have some favorite things to do that are uniquely Vermont:

  • To start, there's the Ben & Jerry’s Flavor Graveyard. Yeah, seriously – it's a tiny cemetery for the flavors Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream no longer makes. You’ll find it at the B&J’s factory in Waterbury.
  • Another totally unique attraction is the Museum of Everyday Life, which is as delightfully mundane as it sounds.
  • Go check out Knight’s Spider Web Farm, which is also a cabinet store.

Vermont is also home to petroglyph sites, abandoned villages, and more. You'll soon realize there are plenty of unique things to do around Vermont! 

What are some wonderful getaway spots in Vermont?  

Vermont is an awe-inspiring place. Seriously, as we mentioned above, every season here is a beautiful one; winter might be frigid, but it inspires some of the most picturesque, postcard-like scenes in the state when it comes around. Autumn is known for its incredible foliage displays, and spring and summer aren’t slouches, either. No matter what time of year it is, it’s always a great time to get away to Vermont. Some of our favorite getaway spots in this beautiful state include:

  • The fairy-tale amazing Castle Hill Resort, which is small but will make you feel like royalty.
  • Another must-see getaway destination in Vermont is the Stowe Mountain Lodge, which is not only scenic and stunning but also filled to the brim with things to do. It is, after all, one of Vermont’s most sought-after resorts.
  • Or, you can head to the mountains and stay at Mountain Top Inn, atop Central Vermont Mountain. The views here are to die for, and the entire experience is amazingly luxurious.  

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