The Haunted Hike In Vermont That Will Send You Running For The Hills

Many have heard the tales about the hauntings on Glastenbury Mountain in Southern Vermont. At least four people have disappeared in this lush, green forest while hiking within a five-year period. Mysterious disappearances aren’t the only strange things that have kept people steering clear of this area, dogs and horses are easily spooked, not to mention the ghost town remnants that have been left behind.

However, if these things don’t scare you, the hike to the fire tower on Glastenbury Mountain is nothing short of spectacular. Here is a great video by Christopher Gilly as he climbs the 57-foot tower and films the 360-degree views from the top. This haunted hike may scare you stiff, or it could show you mountain views for miles upon miles at one of the most breathtaking spots in Vermont.

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