Groton State Forest is home to seven stunning state parks to visit in Vermont. Covered with glaciers thousands of years ago, the 26,164-acre forest is now a varied landscape of cliffs, bogs, lakes, swamps, and woodland. The diversity allows for each of the state parks to have its own unique features and you’re going to want to check out every single one of these beautiful state gems.

What do you think about these state parks to visit in Vermont? These state parks are all close to one another, some even within walking distance. Paid entry to one of these parks allows you free access to the rest.

Get more information on any of these state parks in the Groton State Forest by visiting the Vermont State Parks website. For more suggestions on great outdoor places to visit in the Green Mountain State, join our Vermont Nature Lovers Group on Facebook.

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State Parks To Visit In Vermont

Where can I find the best hiking trails in Vermont?

There’s no denying the beauty found throughout the state of Vermont and some of the most picturesque places can be explored on foot. Take one of these best hiking trails in Vermont to see some of the state's most enchanting scenery. Climb to an overlook with views of Stowe Valley, take a short trek that boasts views of Lake Champlain and the Taconic Range, and stroll through the woods to discover a marvelous waterfall. 

What is the best state park in Vermont?

While all state parks offer something spectacular, one of the best is arguably Camel’s Hump State Park. Its fairytale woodlands are quite enchanting and you’ll encounter picturesque views galore. Once you visit, it will probably become your favorite park in the state.

What is the largest state park in Vermont?

Among its 55 state parks, Camel’s Hump State Park is the largest at 21,258 acres. You could spend days or weeks exploring the trails and everything else offered here. 


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