9 Awesome Corn Mazes in Vermont You Have To Try This Fall

So you’re stuck in Vermont this fall? What a bummer. What’s there to do in this state anyway when there’s no snow? KIDDING! It’s no secret that there are TONS of amazing fall activities across Vermont–apple and pumpkin picking, haunted hay rides, scenic hikes, corn mazes–you name it. There’s honestly no better place in the world to be during peak foliage in October. You’re probably faced with the dilemma of which of these activities to choose, since there are only SO many weekends and of course you want to fit everything in. To help you out, here is a list of some of the best corn mazes in the state that you have to explore this season.

OK, so this doesn’t exactly solve your dilemma, because I’m sure now you’re going to want to go to all of these. Well, it’s early October, you better get started! Have you already been to any of these? Which is your favorite?