America’s Best Cinnamon Rolls Are Hiding Inside This Teeny Tiny Vermont Bakery

There are some foods that simply must be made from scratch. Cinnamon rolls are one such delight, rolled by hand, with a sprinkle of this and a pinch of that, and then topped with melted icing. Finger-licking good doesn’t even begin to describe the scrumptious old-fashioned taste. If you aren’t one to tackle such a delicate endeavor in your own kitchen, don’t worry. The very best cinnamon rolls in Vermont can be found in the small town of West Dover.

Have you ever tasted the best cinnamon rolls at this quaint bakery? Do you have another treat that you also pick up while you’re visiting? What do you think is the best bakery in Vermont? We look forward to reading your responses.

If you are a fan of donuts, then you need to visit this food truck that has the freshest in town.

Address: Sticky Fingers Bakery, 210 Vermont Rte 100, Dover, VT 05356, USA
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best cinnamon rolls in Vermont

July 20, 2020

Where can I find the best pastries in Vermont?

Vermont may not be on anyone’s radar as a place for delicious baked goods (and shhh, let’s keep it that way). But seriously, there are some amazing bakeries and confectionaries in our state. If you are in Burlington, you’ll want to check out Barrio’s Bakery and Monarch and the Milkweed. Also, Sweet Simone’s in Richmond is a wonderful bakery. Red Hen Bakery in Middlesex is also a place you won’t want to miss.

What are the best coffee shops in Vermont?

Who doesn’t love a good cup of joe? If you are looking for new coffee shops in Vermont, look no further than this list we’ve created of the best coffee shops in Vermont: 1. Vermont Artisan Coffee & Tea Co. in Waterbury; 2. Muddy Waters in Burlington; 3. Catalyst Coffee Bar in St. Albans; 4. Capitol Grounds Café in Montpelier; 5. Onyx Tonics in Burlington. You can’t go wrong with any of these coffee shops. It’s coffee time!

What are the best hidden gem restaurants in Vermont?

Isn’t it fun to try to discover the hidden gem restaurants instead of just going to your usual place? If you agree and are you’re looking for smaller and more secluded places to dine, take a look at this article here of 11 amazing and delicious little-known eateries in Vermont. For a summary of the article, such restaurants on the list include the Black Sheep Bistro in Vergennes, Mad Taco in Waitsfield, Black Krim Tavern in Randolph, and many other fantastic establishments. Have a look at the article for more hidden restaurants, information and opening hours about these ‘under the radar’ restaurants.

Address: Sticky Fingers Bakery, 210 Vermont Rte 100, Dover, VT 05356, USA