Many of Utah’s most beautiful natural wonders require a little work. For instance, you’ll have to hike up the side of a mountain to see Timpanogos Cave. It’s well worth the effort for sure, but sometimes you just don’t want to get all sweaty and exhausted. Or, perhaps it’s not a matter of laziness, but you recently had knee surgery and you aren’t capable of climbing a mountain, yet you’d still like to witness some of Utah’s most majestic wonders.

What to do? Take a look at these 13 natural wonders that don’t require any hiking.

What are some other natural wonders that can be seen without hiking? I know there are many places to find a killer view of Utah’s natural wonders right from your car – add your favorites in the comments.

If you are willing to hike a little, you’ll see even more beautiful places. Here are 13 hikes that are so easy you can bring your grandma along!

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