Some Of Utah’s Best Mexican Food Is Found On The Edge Of The State At Salt Flats Cafe

We could eat tacos just about every day of the week for the rest of our lives without complaint, and luckily there are tons of great Mexican restaurants all over the Beehive State. One thing’s for sure: if we limited our cuisine to just Mexican food, it would take a long time before we ate at the same restaurant twice!

While we have dozens of restaurants within a 10-mile-radius of home, there’s one that’s a bit farther afield, but well worth a day trip. Have you tried Salt Flats Cafe in Wendover? If not, it might be time to dine on some tasty Mexican food before hitting the casinos and shows on the Nevada side!

Check out Salt Flats Cafe’s Facebook page to see what’s new there this week, and tag the friends you want to take with you on a Wendover trip.

Address: 85 Skyhawk Dr, Wendover, UT 84083, USA