Why You Should Drop Everything And Visit The Smallest National Park In America

If you ever get the luxury of taking the time to explore the southern states of America, you’ll find that there are tons of hidden gems you never knew about. For travelers who are seeking a relaxing and unique outdoor adventure, we’d like to point you in the direction of Arkansas’ only National Park. Hot Springs National Park in Arkansas is an unsung paradise that doesn’t get nearly enough love. Check it out: 

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Address: Hot Springs National Park, AR, USA
The OIYS Visitor Center

Hot Springs National Park in Arkansas

February 23, 2022

What are the best state parks in Arkansas?  

Arkansas is a beautiful state with plenty to fall in love with for nature lovers. With 52 amazing state parks to choose from, it’s hard to decide which ones you want to check out first, and we can’t blame you – it’s amazing out there. Some of our favorite state parks in Arkansas include Petit Jean State Park, which was our state’s first-ever state park and includes all sorts of awesome natural formations like bluffs, canyons, and even caves! Then, there’s the amazing, 7,000-acre Village Creek State Park, which is so amazing you’ll probably never want to leave (and in which case, you can rent a cabin). That park isn’t just beautiful – it’s also got an awesome gold course onsite, so make sure to bring your clubs. Crater of Diamonds State Park is awesome, too, especially for those who love geology. You can find real diamonds there – you just have to look hard and be quicker than everyone else! Arkansas is a major place for rockhounding, and folks come from all over the place to try their hand at it at Crater of Diamonds. Need more ideas? Check out this list of the best underrated state parks in Arkansas. 

What are the best easy hiking trails at Hot Springs National Park in Arkansas?  

Hot Springs National Park is small – like we kind of outlined above – but it’s got big trails! The most popular trail in the park is the amazing Goat Rock Trail, which is 2.4 miles long and rated as moderately difficult, so most folks will be able to do it. If you’re a fan of awesome overlooks, you’re going to love this one. Another awesome one is the West Mountain Trail, which is ALSO 2.4 miles long but rated as easy. That one’s perfect for families with kids who are good with longer hikes; there’s so much to do and see that they won’t even notice the distance they’re really going! Other popular hikes include the Gulpha Gorge Trail, Hot Springs Mountain Trail, and Peak Trail. 

Address: Hot Springs National Park, AR, USA