The Incredible Scenic Lookout That Lets You See Into 7 Different States At Once

Located just minutes from the Tennessee city of Chattanooga is an incredible mountain known for its natural beauty and extraordinary experiences. While the views of the Chattanooga Valley are reason enough to go, Lookout Mountain offers something even greater. Visitors to the area can tour the Rock City attraction and see across seven states at the same time. Here’s more about this incredible lookout:

Find Lookout Mountain’s entrance at 1400 Patten Road, only six miles outside of Tennessee’s City of Chattanooga. The attraction is open daily at 8:30 a.m. year-round except for Christmas day. Closing times vary depending on the season and day, so you may want to check the schedule before heading that way.

Have you visited this popular Tennessee attraction, and if so, what was the favorite part of your visit? While in Tennessee, you might want to take this epic road trip and see for yourself why so many people have fallen in love with this great state.