These Predictions About The Future From The 1920s Are Downright Hilarious

Close your eyes. Try to imagine what the world will look like 100 years from now. What will we be driving? What will we be wearing? What new inventions will entirely transform life as we know it right now?

Almost a century has passed since the following predictions were made about life in the year 2000 (and beyond), and you can’t deny that they are downright hilarious. This video shows some of the things those living in the 1920’s hoped would come true, although it seems they were quite ambitious in their planning.

We bet you were once asked this same question as a student in grade school. If I remember correctly, I drew pictures of flying cars, vegetables that tasted like potato chips, and a classroom filled with an odd mix of kids, aliens, and dogs that could speak human languages. As it has only been a few decades since my own predictions were made, there is still plenty of times for these things to come true.

What do you think? Will some of these 1920’s predictions one day become reality? Will some of your own dreams of life in the future stand the test of time? I’m still crossing my fingers for those potato chip-flavored veggies and the talking dogs.

We’re still cracking up over the “disappearance of skirts” in women’s fashion, but we have to admit that those temperature-control belts sound pretty cool.

This video was shared by Aaron1912 on YouTube. This is one channel you should definitely check out – there are hundreds of other amazing historical videos to discover!

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