Death Linked To Vaping Has Been Confirmed In California

Pulmonary illness related to the use of e-cigarettes has been a primary topic in the news lately, and it’s now affecting us here in California. Two people, in Los Angeles and Tulare Counties, have died from lung diseases associated with vaping. Here’s everything you need to know:

The popularity of e-cigarettes and vapes has grown steadily since their inception, with an estimated 41 million people worldwide reporting use in a 2018 study conducted by the World Health Organization.

Vaping-related illness is a new challenge for doctors to diagnose and treat, as e-cigarette and vapes are still newer technology, so there are few extensive studies on the health effects and safety of use. Information about the disease and its effects is limited; however, investigations into the individual cases and products used by those who have fallen ill and/or died are ongoing. Several reports mention high levels of Vitamin E found in certain e-cigarette cartridges as a potential contributing factor, but there has yet to be a conclusive determination about the exact source of the illnesses.

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