A Big Percentage Of Americans Regret How They Used Their Vacation Days This Year

If you regret using up all your precious vacation days on un-fun occasions this year, you’re not alone.

A new survey says that more than 41 percent of Americans said that using their paid vacation days for “obligation” trips – baby showers, distant relatives’ weddings, and expensive bachelor parties, for example – was their top travel regret for 2018.

Another regret? Less than half of Americans reported that they used all of their available vacation days, In fact, the report found that most Americans still have more than nine days in the bank by the beginning of December.

The good news is that Americans are resolving to use more of their hard-earned vacation time in 2019. About 60 percent of people survey said that they intend to use more of their PTO this year than they did last year, and a third of people say that a trip abroad is in the cards.

Cheers to actually using those well-deserved paid days off in the new year!