Uber Is Now Letting Restaurants Pay For Their Customers’ Rides

Ordering delivery isn’t exactly a cheap way to eat, but if it can sometimes be less expensive than driving to a restaurant for a meal out. Now, Uber is trying to change that.

Uber is introducing Uber Vouchers, a program that will allow businesses to give their customers a free ride to or from their brick-and-mortar locations. Here’s how it works.

The vouchers will let places like restaurants and bars give potential patrons a virtual coupon for a free lift to their location. These vouchers could apply to certain times of day, promo periods, or may be available for use any time.

They are designed to increase foot traffic and entice customers who might value a free ride home if they plan to be drinking. It may also allow urban spots with very limited parking to attract new customers or gain an edge over their local competition.

Businesses that have already announced their intentions to offer vouchers include TGI Fridays, the Golden State Warriors, LiveNation, and MGM Resorts.