Why Medical Experts Are Saying That Selfies Should Be Banned At Tourist Spots

Before you whip out that camera and snap a selfie, you may want to consider whether you might be taking your life into your hands.

A recent study published in the Journal of Family Medicine and Primary care revealed that selfies are the cause of a shocking number of deaths. The study revealed that approximately 259 people died between October 2011 and November 2017 while they were taking selfies. The bulk of those people were males in the twenties.

So what’s causing all these selfie fatalities? The report listed drowning, transport accidents, and falling as the top three reasons people die while attempting to take a selfie. Deaths were most common in the United States, Russia, Pakistan, and India.

In response to this data, researchers are calling for designated “no-selfie” zones around dangerous natural areas or landmarks. They claim that taking selfies reduces a person’s awareness of their surroundings and puts them at risk.

Check out the full study here.