Google Will Soon Suggest Vacations For You Based On Your Search History

Most of us have gotten used to the idea that Google can peek into our emails to give us flight alerts and add trip information to our calendars. But now, the tech giant is taking things one step further by suggesting vacations you might like based on your Google search history.

Not much is known about this new experience yet. Google has only revealed that it will be able to help you plan “potential trips” from the bits and pieces of research you’ve done via its search engine. This means that if you’ve made a few searches for things to do or places to see in Paris, for example, Google might package all that up for you in the form of a “potential trip.”

That might sound amazing to some and creepy to others, but the service won’t require any additional data from the user other than what they already give to Google by using the search engine.

Google has stated that the program will launch on mobile in the U.S. in “the next few weeks.”