This Mouthwatering Survey Reveals The Most Popular Thanksgiving Pie In Every State

Are you a pumpkin pie devotee? An apple pie believer? Or do you think pecan pie reigns supreme?

According to a new survey by GE Appliances, most of America thinks that pumpkin pie is the best Thanksgiving pie there is. The research is based on the responses of 1,555 people across the nation and also reveals a how particular regions of the country stock their Thanksgiving tables.

According to the data, the Northeast area is firmly in the apple pie camp. Meanwhile. Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana love indulging in pecan pie. Most of the rest of the country thinks pumpkin pie is best, except for some southern states who love pecan and apple pie equally.

Honestly, it’s hard to be mad when there’s pie on the menu. Do your pie tastes align with your neighbors?