Colorado’s Most Iconic Trainride Has Closed And May Never Re-Open

After over 100 years of operation, Colorado’s most famous train may be shutting down for good.

The Pikes Peak Cog Railway has been one of the state’s most popular tourist attractions since it opened in 1891. The 8.9-mile trip to the top of Pikes Peak on the train’s iconic cog wheel “rack” rail affords spectacular views, due in part to the special train’s ability to climb much steeper grades than traditional trains can manage. The railway is owned by the Broadmoor Hotel and is one of the last such railways in the world.

Now, the Broadmoor Hotel has announced that the Cog Railway will not reopen this spring after several months of maintenance. The railway’s infrastructure will undergo a review that could take up to three years.

Depending on what officials find when they inspect the equipment and track, that review could result in the complete closure of the railway forever.

If the railway’s track and cars are found wanting, the hotel could opt for a full rebuild of the railroad and its facilities. However, that would like cost “tens of millions of dollars” according to Broadmoor President and CEO Jack Damioli.

For now, all the public can do is wait for the review’s verdict.