This Grocery Store In California Has Over 30,000 Items But Nothing You Can Eat

This California grocery store has over 31,000 items for sale – and you can’t eat any of them.

Sparrow Mart is a new store and art installation at The Standard, Downtown LA. All the goods lining the shelves in the shop are for sale, but they’re also all made of felt.

Each of the unique felt groceries were designed and hand-painted by British artist Lucy Sparrow. She’s done similar felt installations in London and New York, but this is her biggest to date.

Visitors are welcome to browse the aisles at Sparrow Mart and buy whatever they like. You can pick up a felt potato, a bottle of felt Windex, a string of felt sausages, or even a container of felt ramen noodles. You an even grab a single felt strawberry if you like.

The pieces are priced reasonably. Some are just a few bucks, while larger groceries might run you $70. Once the shelves are empty, however, the store closes for good.

Head to The Standard at 550 South Flower, Los Angeles, CA to check this place out. For an inside look at Sparrow Mart, check out the video below from New York Magazine.