It’s Official – This Is The Dirtiest City In America

Get ready for the least shocking news you’ll hear all day: New York City has been named the dirtiest city in America according to a new report.

Anyone who has ever been to the Big Apple knows that its full of bright lights, endless opportunities for amusement and comically high piles of garbage. Now, a new report from BusyBee, an NYC cleaning service, confirms what you’ve always suspected: the city is actually pretty filthy.

Using data from the U.S Environmental Protection Agency, the U.S. Bureau and the American Housing Survey, the report ranked major cities across the country based on factors like the number of homes with cockroaches and rates, air quality and population density.

Each city was “awarded” a dirtiness index score, and NYC came out on top with 427.9. That’s more than 100 points ahead of Los Angeles, the second dirtiest city, which scored scored 317.8.

The third, fourth and fifth place spots were awarded to Riverside-San Bernardino, Chicago and Philadelphia. The three cleanest cities are Jacksonville, Orlando and Tucson.

Check out the infographic from BusyBee above to see how your city ranked.