More People Are Leaving San Francisco Than Any Other U.S. City And Here’s Why

While the Golden Gate Bridge and the spectacular scenery and lifestyle may beckon, more locals living in or around the City by the Bay are reluctantly packing up and leaving than any other city in the U.S.. Why would anyone leave San Francisco? According to several recent reports, it’s simply a matter of dollars and cents. The insane cost of living here has simply become too high.

While the cost may end the dream of living around San Francisco Bay for some, don’t be feeling bad for those 871,000 residents lucky enough to call the area their home. Many die-hard San Franciscans would gladly pay the rent or mortgage for what they consider the most beautiful place on earth.

Have you considered San Francisco, and would you consider changing your lifestyle to be able to afford living there? Why or why not? Even if it’s just for a visit, here are 11 places to see in the City by the Bay that are better than anywhere else in the country.