The Tiny General Store In Texas That Serves Some Of The Most Mouthwatering Steak You’ll Ever Eat

When we have a craving for a good steak, general stores don’t usually cross our minds – but perhaps that should change. The tiny town of Leona, located way up in East Texas, has a general store that doubles as a steakhouse (and one of the best steakhouses you’ll ever visit, at that). The meat is juicy, rolls are soft and buttery, desserts are scrumptious, and waitstaff as well as all the customers are full of Southern hospitality. I know it seems like a strange concept, but don’t knock it ’till ya try it, folks!

Here are some more charming general stores in Texas (that don’t serve steak, unfortunately, but you can’t have it all sometimes).

Leona General Store is located at 136 N Leona Blvd, Leona, TX 75850. Have you ever eaten steak here? What was your experience like?