A One-Of-A-Kind Ocean Themed Restaurant And Bowling Alley, Uncle Buck’s Fish Bowl and Grill In Texas Is Insanely Fun

If you’re looking for a unique, ridiculously fun experience that people of all ages can enjoy, there is a place here in Texas that you need to visit! This bowling alley and ocean-themed restaurant in Texas is like something straight out of our favorite nautical Disney movie. It truly makes you feel as if you’re under the sea. You won’t believe the detail that has gone into designing this unique spot, but once you see it in person, it might just become your family’s favorite weekend haunt.

Lucky for Texas residents, there are TWO Uncle Buck’s Fish Bowl & Grill spots to choose from in the state: Round Rock and Harlingen. Have you ever visited this ocean-themed restaurant in Texas before? Share your experiences with us in the comments section below! Or if you’re looking for more information about Uncle Buck’s restaurants in Texas, visit the website.

Address: 200 Bass Pro Dr, Round Rock, TX 78665, USA
Address: 101 Bass Pro Drive, Harlingen, TX 78552, USA
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Ocean-Themed Restaurant In Texas

January 05, 2020

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Address: 200 Bass Pro Dr, Round Rock, TX 78665, USA
Address: 101 Bass Pro Drive, Harlingen, TX 78552, USA