The Texas Superstition Will Give You Wealth, Luck, And Happiness In 2017

We Southerners, especially Texans, no doubt let superstition guide us in some areas of life. Old wives tales passed down from our grandmothers are seen as fact, and you’d better believe we hold our breath when we’re near a cemetery.

Similarly, our New Year’s Eve meal is an extremely important tradition. The comforting Southern combo ends the current year on a good note and sends us into the next one with a full belly, happy heart, and positive mindset. Even if the superstition doesn’t hold any truth, it’s still a delicious way to start off 2017 and deserves a spot on every Texan’s dinner table.

Happy New Year, my fellow Texans! I hope 2017 brings you wealth, prosperity, and most importantly, happiness.

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