This Charming Town Just Outside Of Dallas – Fort Worth Is A Must Visit

This town’s name is a challenge to say and there is disagreement as to its meaning, but Waxahachie (pronounced WOK-se-HATCH-ee) is quaint and worthy of a visit! Some locals say the name means “cow” or “buffalo” in a Native American language, while others claim it is translated as “fat wildcat.” Regardless of where you suspect the name came from, this thriving town that lies just beyond southern Dallas has a lot to offer residents and tourists alike. Here’s why you should plan a day trip there soon:

Have you visited Waxahachie? What did you like best about this quaint town? Are there others you love that are worthy of a road trip? And, most importantly, did you have a run-in with the ghostly guests at the Catfish Plantation Restaurant? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!