America’s Best Kept Secret Is Hiding Right Here In Texas And It’s Calling Your Name

We can all agree that West Texas is the most remote area of the state. You can travel hundreds of miles on the highway without encountering a single soul, and the night sky is a giant blanket of the most intense darkness you’ve ever experienced. It’s easy to imagine that many secrets are harbored within all those mountains…

…but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing! One of the nation’s best-kept secrets is right here in Texas: Chinati Hot Springs. Tucked away in the mountainous desert, it’s the magical oasis you never knew you needed to visit until now.

The springs are located at 1 Hot Springs Rd, Presidio, TX 79845.

Have you ever been to Chinati Hot Springs? Are there any other hidden attractions in remote West Texas that more people should know about?

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