Explore The Rainbow Lake Trail At Prentice Cooper State Forest In Tennessee, Then Get A Bird’s-Eye View From Edwards Point

If you’re a fan of experiences in the great outdoors, then the state of Tennessee is bound to be akin to heaven. The varied topography of the state shifts from the rocky mountains of East Tennessee to the lowlands in the west that soften into the Mississippi River. In Chattanooga, located on the border of Tennessee and Georgia, you will find the small town of Signal Mountain. The hike from Rainbow Lake to Edwards Point is one of the most popular in the area, both for its stunning natural views and isolated beauty.

What an unforgettable hike! You can learn more bout the trek from Rainbow Lake to Edwards Point in Signal Mountain, Tennessee on its AllTrails profile.

Address: Prentice Cooper State Forest, 3998 Game Reserve Rd, Chattanooga, TN 37405, USA