If you’re looking for a creepy hike in Tennessee, then you need to wander through Big Ridge State Park. Located roughly 15 miles from Norris Lake State Park, Big Ridge is just under 4,000 acres and is tucked away in the Appalachian Ridge and Valley range. The park may be one of Tennessee’s smallest, but it also boasts a big history by way of the Indian Rock and Big Ridge Trails. Hike them both and you will have the chance to experience a little spine-tingling local history.

What a wild place to hike! Did you know that Big Ridge State Park had such an interesting history? A helpful tool that we always use when we hit the trails is a little app called AllTrails, this is a must-use app for any avid hiker. Check out the info about the Big Valley Trail to Indian Rock Trail for everything you while out adventuring on this creepy trail. You can learn more about the state park and its creepy hiking trails on its official Big Ridge State Park website.

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  • Watauga Lake: With a whole town lying under the depths of the water. 
  • The Tennessee State Prison: Left nearly abandoned and left for decay there is something beautiful and haunting about this castle-like structure. 
  • The Old Gray Cemetery: A beautiful graveyard but lurking in the shadows is a dark aspiration who doesn’t like visitors. 
  • The Tennessee Capitol Building: More than just politics the building is said to be haunted by several ghosts. 
  • The Thomas House Hotel: With a dark history this is said to be the most haunted location not just in Tennessee but in the United States. 
  • The Body Farm: Knoxville hosts a dead body farm where they conduct several experiments for forensic scenic. You read that right they have dozens of dead bodies just lying around, you know for science.  


What are some good creepy hikes in Tennessee?


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