The Most Remote Lake In Tennessee Is Also The Most Peaceful

There are plenty of remote areas in Tennessee’s expansive wilderness, mainly because the state government has done quite a bit of work preserving the beauty of the local wilderness. You will find a myriad of places to take a dip, to hike through the mountains, or to simply observe the beauty of the state’s local wildlife. Chilhowee Lake is located a solid 40 miles south of Knoxville, Tennessee, and it is perhaps one of the least-known and most remote places to enjoy a day in Tennessee. If you’re seeking a quiet region for a peaceful kayaking trip or hike, then this may be your spot.

You can learn more about Chilhowee Lake with a little help from the city of Knoxville. Make sure you pack the necessary requirements for a safe day out in the sun and get ready to make some sweet memories in the heart of Tennessee.

Address: Chilhowee Lake, Tennessee, USA